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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Live Out Your Fantasy With Tudor Costumes

Live Out Your Fantasy With Tudor Costumes

Can't decide on what costume to wear at the party? Have you visited a myriad of shops but are still clueless as to what theme to pick? Why not consider Tudor costumes and experience the feeling of being part of the most renowned royal dynasty from the past?

Tudor costumes offer a variety of well detailed dresses, exuding the elegance and authority of the people in medieval times. The medieval costumes range from many famous medieval characters and can cater to both men and women of all ages.

Go Medieval With an Authentic Looking Renaissance Costume Right Out of the Middle Ages

Go Medieval With an Authentic Looking Renaissance Costume Right Out of the Middle Ages

Life in Renaissance times was more then drinking ale and chasing after maidens. Certainly you had the look the part if you were a knight or of you were a royal you had to wear that fluffy white Seinfeld shirt. Here's some tips for putting together a well thought out medieval costume.

For some reason, the medieval and renaissance times are ones people flock to for costumes. Maybe they stir up, the valor of the knights, the innocence of the maidens the romance, and the dreams of being swept away on a white horse and of course, the huge meals eaten with no utensils!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Choosing the Right Woman's Medieval Costume

Choosing the Right Woman's Medieval Costume

Wondering what to be for this Halloween? Perhaps you should consider a medieval costume. These costumes are great because there's a style to fit everyone, whether you're petite or plus size. And, with the right accessories, your costume can stand out from the crowd.

Most woman's medieval costumes involve a dress or skirt, and the type usually defines the outfit. One piece dresses can be great for queens and princesses, and skirts paired with bodices and chemises can work for saucy tavern wenches and common peasant girls.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Medieval Costume Ideas For Men and Women

Medieval Costume Ideas For Men and Women

If you are going to a medieval faire and are not sure what to wear, you have come to the right place. Medieval clothing can be a lot of fun to experiment with.

Let's start with the women. Their clothing was for more than just covering the ladies body. It told their social status and marital status. You could tell by the quality of the material if they were upper class or peasant. The women that were married usually had their hair up, while the unmarried wore it loose. Medieval clothing for the women include pieces such as a kirtle, dress, bodice, corset, and headdress. Combining these medieval clothing pieces in different ways allows you to create costumes for a medieval princess, lady, or wench. All of this clothing for the women was very sexy for its time period, too.

Medieval clothing for the men worked basically the same way as far as the social status. The better the material, the higher class the man. Also, the fit of the sleeve was a sign of your status. The typical inventory of clothing for men usually consisted of vests, tunics, doublets, cloaks, stockings, and breeches. To match, you can go to the faire as a Knight, a gentleman or perhaps a sorcerer.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Medieval Costumes - From Jester to Ladies and Beyond

Medieval Costumes - From Jester to Ladies and Beyond

Ah, the Renaissance. Romeo and Juliet, lords and ladies and of course, the Lord High Executioner. If you are sick of the same packaged and typical costumes, it is time to go to a whole new level with medieval costumes, perfect for everybody from every shape and every size. And, don't forget that medieval costumes offer something perfect for everyone whether they are male or female!

Ladies First

Of course, whenever you start thinking about medieval costumes, the first that come to mind are those for the ladies: Courtesans, Baronesses and even the Queen. Ornate, opulent and definitely not your everyday Halloween costume, you can find the right choice for you if you don't get overwhelmed along the way. There are so many colors and choices that you might never be able to narrow it down. Think of it this way: if you want to really vamp it up and show off a little more sexy skin, go for the Courtesan or the bar wench costumes. If you want to really glam it up and be more elegant, stick to the others. The great thing about these costumes: they are very flattering to any body shape as long as they fit well and they are so gorgeous.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Headdress in Medieval and Renaissance Fashion The Burgeoning of the Headdress in Medieval and Renaissance Fashion Throughout the history of clothing

Headdress in Medieval and Renaissance Fashion

The Burgeoning of the Headdress in Medieval and Renaissance Fashion

Throughout the history of clothing, the headdress has been part and parcel of proper attire. It was an essential accessory on one's person ever since people began to develop a sense of clothing in medieval times going toward a more decorative trend in the duration of the Renaissance and even the next century after.

Perhaps wearing some sort of head covering emerged when mankind began declaring war on one another, primarily as a form of protection for the head. Eventually, when Christianity was introduced and spread throughout early medieval civilization, people, notably women, began to include some kind of head covering in their medieval clothing concerns.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Renaissance Clothing and the Evolution of Underwear

Renaissance Clothing and the Evolution of Underwear

While times and clothes have changed so often and so radically, most of the concepts that birthed various articles of clothing have more or less remained the same. The concept behind underwear was to uphold a degree of modesty. Like now, back then there was no universal underwear rule and people wore what was comfortable, available-or nothing at all.

Ancient Bare Necessities

Not much documentation or clothing survives (woolen and linen garments rot after a few hundred years and no one ever thought writing about underwear was important). Getting a definite idea of what people wore beneath their clothes before medieval times can only come from what surviving mosaics or works of art there are, which aren't yet very realistic.

But in ancient times, Imperial Rome set the trend in everything, including what one wore beneath one's outer wear. Men and women alike were known to wear loin-cloths, probably made of linen. Women might have worn a lengthy band wrapped around their chests called a strophium or mamillare.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Medieval Weapons

Medieval Weapons

My new found passion for medieval times has led me to some interesting places, one of which was a supplier of medieval weapons and amour. Now that is a sentence I never thought I would hear myself say, let alone type. My interest in this area started when I first saw a full color picture of an elegant lady wearing a beautiful replica of a Tudor period dress. This is the sort of clothing unseen these days, outside of Royal families perhaps.

The intricacy of the embroidery, the richness of the colors and the delicate jewelry all combined to form what was more a piece of art than an item of clothing. Now I think about it, that is probably why artists like Lady Gaga are enjoying so much attention.

People do not just want to hear a song being performed, they want to watch a spectacle, where the eyes are just as nourished by the display as the ears are by the sounds. As this is a relatively new hobby for me, I has assumed, incorrectly, that it might be quite hard to find authentic medieval reproduction items, such as medieval weapons, for example. How naive I had been!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Maid Fancy Dress - 5 Alternatives to the Classic French Maids Outfit

Maid Fancy Dress - 5 Alternatives to the Classic French Maids Outfit

The classic French maids outfit is an extremely popular costume worn at Halloween and other themed parties. In fact it is probably up there with nurse outfits and schoolgirl costumes as the most popular type of adult female costume.

Perhaps because of its enormous popularity in the past, many of you might be looking for slightly more original outfits to wear to the upcoming party. However, there are actually a number of great looking and original maid fancy dress costumes available at specialist online websites, if you are looking to be a little bit different.

Below are five alternative costumes to the classic French maids outfit, which are bound to get you noticed at any party you have been invited to:

Victorian parlour-maid costume

While slightly more reserved looking than the French maids outfit, the Victorian parlour-maid costume can nevertheless be an authentic looking period piece that is actually quite striking. These parlour-maid costumes can also make great looking ladies pilgrim outfits, perfect for any Thanksgiving celebrations.

Milkmaid outfit

The Milk maid fancy dress costume is another period piece, but one that is a little bit more risqué than the Victorian parlour-maid one. It is also a great outfit to wear for ladies with a fuller figure.

Oktoberfest barmaid

This is one of my personal favourite types of costume, which is starting to become more and more popular. Based on the Central European style of dress, the Oktoberfest barmaid outfit is an extremely sexy costume, which shall certainly get a few second glances at the party. As with the Milkmaid costume, these Bavarian barmaid outfits are just perfect for the beautiful buxom ladies amongst you.

Medieval maiden

Although perhaps a slightly different meaning of the word, the Maid Marion type of costume is another wonderful period piece, which is altogether striking and extremely feminine. The Medieval maiden outfit is a little more formal than the other costumes mentioned here and makes a great costume for middle-aged ladies or those of you that are a little bit too shy to wear some of the other types of maid outfit.

Naughty French maids outfit

The last category are those French maids outfits that are extremely revealing and are only really suitable for the very confident amongst you that do not mind leaving a little less to the imagination at the party. Of course, these sexy outfits can be worn by ladies of all shapes and sizes on naughty Hen nights or in the confines of the bedroom.

So where can you find all of these types of maid fancy dress outfits? Remember that it is very important to ensure your fancy dress supplier has the costume you are looking for in stock, so that they are delivered in time for the party! At French Maid Fancy Dress, if it says your order is in stock then you can rest assured that it is. Go there now and choose from the range of authentic looking maid fancy dress outfits and accessories. A Word Or Two About The Author: Dan Fresh is a lifelong fancy dress aficionado who regularly writes for the popular Fancy Dress UK website.

Authentic Tudor Costume and Accessories

Authentic Tudor Costume and Accessories

It started for me when I chanced upon a photograph of a lady dressed in a rather beautiful and elaborate medieval costume. I was struck by the richness of the colors, the intricacy of the embroidery, and the sparkling and delicate jewelry.

What I was looking at was an example of an authentic Tudor costume, and I wanted one!

So, I began my research, imagining that it would be difficult to find such a historically accurate piece of clothing that I could afford. However, the more I researched, the more I uncovered, and slowly began to immerse myself into the world of re-enactment societies and specialist suppliers.

The variety, scope and attention to detail of the clothing and accessories available to those who love to spend their free time partying in or re-enacting the renaissance period was simply amazing to me.

Not only did I discover patters from which I could design and make my own authentic Tudor clothing, but I found that it is relatively inexpensive to simply buy one new - and there is no shortage of choice.

In addition to the costume, I found I could buy or hire historically accurate jewelery, weapons, badges, games, goblets and much, much more.

This, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg. As with any hobby or interest, the more you delve, the more you discover and you become even more enthused and passionate about your subject.

A quick search online will reveal a growing number of hobby sites and societies dedicated to this fascinating pastime.

Follow my journey of discovery into the world of Tudor and renaissance clothing and accessories at