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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Medieval Costume Ideas For Men and Women

Medieval Costume Ideas For Men and Women

If you are going to a medieval faire and are not sure what to wear, you have come to the right place. Medieval clothing can be a lot of fun to experiment with.

Let's start with the women. Their clothing was for more than just covering the ladies body. It told their social status and marital status. You could tell by the quality of the material if they were upper class or peasant. The women that were married usually had their hair up, while the unmarried wore it loose. Medieval clothing for the women include pieces such as a kirtle, dress, bodice, corset, and headdress. Combining these medieval clothing pieces in different ways allows you to create costumes for a medieval princess, lady, or wench. All of this clothing for the women was very sexy for its time period, too.

Medieval clothing for the men worked basically the same way as far as the social status. The better the material, the higher class the man. Also, the fit of the sleeve was a sign of your status. The typical inventory of clothing for men usually consisted of vests, tunics, doublets, cloaks, stockings, and breeches. To match, you can go to the faire as a Knight, a gentleman or perhaps a sorcerer.

Don't forget accessories! Headdresses and jewelry and just the right schools are all important items to consider when getting ready to go off to the faire. Good luck with your further research on this topic and remember: renaissance costumes are great if they match the time period, but sometimes it's tough to do so. Keep looking and you'll find what you need.

I like to shop for costumes and I have a very good eye for the best renaissance clothing. When I was looking for medieval costume for a fair I was going to attend, I was just blown away by Medieval Clothier's selection of cheap renaissance costumes.

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