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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Live Out Your Fantasy With Tudor Costumes

Live Out Your Fantasy With Tudor Costumes

Can't decide on what costume to wear at the party? Have you visited a myriad of shops but are still clueless as to what theme to pick? Why not consider Tudor costumes and experience the feeling of being part of the most renowned royal dynasty from the past?

Tudor costumes offer a variety of well detailed dresses, exuding the elegance and authority of the people in medieval times. The medieval costumes range from many famous medieval characters and can cater to both men and women of all ages.

Tudor costumes have stirred people's curiosity and interest with archaic times and have been number one on the list when it comes to costume parties. For the medieval costumes for women, you can choose from the many different dress styles of medieval times.

Queens and princesses gave high regard to fashion as it was quite the status symbol. You will certainly start to turn heads as you arrive at the party dressed an Anne Boleyn!

Have the sophisticated look by choosing Tudor costumes with intricate details that are form-fitting and long flowing, and made of lovely fabrics like silk, satin, fur, and wool. Wear the dress with accessories like a headpiece and eye mask to add more excitement to your dress.

Also, do not forget the jewelry that marked the status of royal people and you will surely get a lot of compliments from others. For the costumes for little girls, you can choose the angelic dress embroidered with glittery accessories and match it with a nice headdress or tiara and cute shoes.

When it comes to outfitting the men, you can choose from several types. There is the valiant knight, fierce executioner, charming dark knight, handsome and mischievous Robin Hood, the powerful king, and the dreamy prince. As these costumes lend themselves to couples costumes as well as a group theme, they are highly popular for adults.

If you prefer to bring the character of a charming dark knight to life, then you can wear a tunic printed with a noble emblem, wear arm gauntlets, decorate the sleeves with silver mesh that adds more to the chivalry of the character, put on boot covers, and then finish the elegant look with a cloak or cape that will enhance your look.

To complete the overall look, a sword will definitely seal this costume. Medieval men do not sit back when it comes to fashion sense, and if you choose this theme, then you are sure to have the eyes of the women on you throughout the party.

Tudor costumes never fail to impress anyone with their highly defined clothing style. In fact, the cable series The Tudors won an Emmy for costume design and this has made wearing this style of clothing even more popular. Even as adults we love to play dress up and live out our fantasies of "valiant Knight to the damsel's rescue"!

Be sure to take the time to browse the many Tudor costumes available as there are some very fine Deluxe versions available. Buy the costume early so that you have time to exchange it if it doesn't fit properly. And have fun on Halloween saving your damsel in distress!


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